Because of the school districts that work with ISEP, over 400 grants have been awarded to over 200 Arkansas school districts since 2011. It is ISEPs goal to award up to 25 $1,000.00 grants each school year.

Funding is intended for, but not limited to, the following:

  • Nurse supplies: AED supplies, (No AEDs will be allowed), EPI pens, other health related equipment,
  • PE equipment, physical activity props for classroom integration,
  • Student health and/or mental health educational resources and/or materials,
  • Items that can support student learning with non-traditional instructional methods (alternative seating, educational games/programs, tactile/sensory resources),
  • Non-Consumables related to healthy living and nutritional related programs,
  • Medicaid outreach,
  • School/Community Garden start up and expansion (garden must be located on school property; startup gardens can use funds to visit other approved garden programs), and
  • Electronic Tablets for districts using the PCPro within their district.


Deadline for Submitting ISEP Grant:   No Applicaitons are being taken at ths time.
Max Grant Amount:  $1,000
Number of Grant Awards:  25  (Only one per school campus)

Our mailing address is:

Attn: Laura McDowell
P. O. Box 94374
North Little Rock, AR 72190

You may call us at (501) 831-4209 with any questions you may have.

All proposals submitted must fall within the services outlined in our mission statement and will need to be for new or existing/expanding programming. Funds cannot be used to supplant any services or programs required by the law or the Department of Education. This is an open, competitive grant process. The ISEP Board of Directors will enlist an independent body to review and score the proposals that have been determined to meet the minimum criteria.

Please visit the Community Involvement page of our website to see a list of last year's Grant Recipients and examples of grant implementations and success stories.