Arkansas School for the Deaf – Success Story

The Arkansas school for the Deaf utilized ISEP grant funds was to plant raised and regular garden plots. The raised beds were important for this project because of the added height it promoted a more inviting, accessible garden for students of all abilities. Through the GREEN (Growing Responsible Ecologically Experienced Nature) Kids Project, teachers noticed better physical and mental health in student

behavior and improved student focus in the classroom. Many students with behavioral issues that struggled in the classroom were able to overcome those struggles with their hand-on work in the garden. Many gained self confidence that allowed them to grow as students.

Students learned about garden tools and how to properly use them. One student fearful of ants prompted a lesson on the importance of ants and worms in the garden. “After the lesson, a peer convinced the student to hold a worm. The joy on her face was contagious!”

The Arkansas School for the Deaf will continue to promote the GREEN Kids Project and plan to certify a horticulture program with the state in the future.

The ASD staff feels strongly that this has helped get students active and out into nature to an extent not accomplished before. This could not have happened without the support of ISEP.

image of AR School For The Deaf mention in newspaper