North Little Rock Middle School (North Little Rock School District) – Success Story: "The Farm" 

The NLR Middle School utilized the ISEP grant to:

1. Help teach students about writing grants and how to follow requirements in implementing the grant and submitting the necessary documentation at the end of the grant, and

2. Complete needed repairs and updates to The Farm at the NLR Middle School campus.  Included was completing a chicken coop for bantam chickens, the construction of a “Buddy Bench”, completion of fences to protect the chickens, and completion of the paint job on the barn and two chicken coops.  Repairs and updates included putting up hawk netting to protect the chickens, repaired five gates, improved the walkway, replaced tools, repaired fences, completed the rain water collection project, and started repairs on the irrigation system.

Students obtained first hand experience with the grant implementation, including selecting how the funds needed to be spent, purchasing the necessary items and made concession when things needed to be altered due to changes in costs, availability, and ability to complete the project.

So many of our projects we would not have been able to complete if it were not for the ISEP grant funds. We are very honored to have been chosen as a recipient of the ISEP grant.  We sincerely thank your organization for allowing us to grow, to learn, and to teach others in ways that would not have been possible without your generous support.