King Elementary School (Van Buren School District) - Success Stories

2019-2020  King Elementary School utilized ISEP grant funds to provide the school nurse needed supplies for the Nurses office.

2018-2019  King Elementary school utilized ISEP funds in collaboration with other district grant funds to purchase a greenhouse to be built on campus. The 4 foot by 12 foot greenhouse

was utilized during the winter to be ready to plant the spring garden from plants students started during the winter. More fruits and vegetables were planted and made available to the students, as well as had a plant sale to raise funds for additional garden projects. Over $100 was raised to support future projects.

Many of the students were also able to take plants home and learned to take care of their own gardens.

image of King Elementary twitter post  photo of King Elementary Greenhouse  

photo of King Elementary student    photo of King Elementary Greenhouse and students  

photo of King Elementary Greenhouse and students  photo of King Elementary student  

photo of King Elementary Greenhouse success!