Stagecoach Elementary (Cabot School District) – Success Story

Stagecoach elementary wanted student to have a healthy understanding of what it means to care for the earth, and the world around them, while learning about their food and where it comes from. The school wanted to initiate a project that would be cross-curricular and bring those experiences to the students.

Teachers were surveyed and classes were paired with other classes to work together on gardens, and regular classes paired with special education classes.

Prefabricated raised bed kits were purchased as well as soil for the beds. Flowers and vegetables were planted by the students. Individuals can come by and pick vegetables that they can eat. Other volunteers help to maintain the beds after school hours and during summer break.

photo of Stagecoach Elementary students building garden bed  photo of Stagecoach Elementary students planting garden  

photo of Stagecoach Elementary students inspecting garden photo of Stagecoach Elementary garden harvest time!  

photo of Stagecoach Elementary garden flowers in hanging basket