Personal care services are designed to assist children with physical dependency needs related to the following activities of daily living: eating, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, bladder and bowel requirements, or taking medications.   The following are links to information and required forms to help school districts in order to bill Medicaide for providing the best, informed personal care to students in their district.  For questions, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


  • School Districts providing/billing Personal Care services may have recieved correspondence regarding the mandate for personal care providers to register for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV).  As per AFMC, AFMC has recieved notification form the state that school districts are exempt from EVV.  No action is required by the school districts on this mandate. 


Task and Hour Tool - Calculating PC Times/Units NEW

Checklist for Billing PC in Schools

Step-By-Step User Guide for Submitting PC PAs into eQSuite®

eQHealth - Information for Submitting Personal Care Services Under 21

eQSuite® - Information for System to Submit PAs/DMS-618 Forms

eQHealth Fax Cover sheet for PASSE student PA requests

eQHealth Solutions - Arkansas

eQSuite® Login

ARMedicaid MMIS Portal

Sample DMS-618 Form

DMS-652 Form- Medicaid Provider Application Form 

DMS-2609 Primary Care Physician Selection and Change Form 

Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization Form

AFMC/MMIS Outreach Specialists Contact Information

AFMC MMIS - Services - Resources

Getting registered in Medicaid MMIS Portal

eQHealth Customer Suppport - 1-888-660-3831

Optum Assessment Call Center - 1-844-809-9538

ADE - DESE Links 

ADE-Medicaid in the Schools

School-Based Medicaid Application Process

Parental Consent Requirements

Parent fact Sheet for Medicaid in the Schools

Parent Fact Sheet for Medicaid in the Schools-Spanish Version

Consent to Release Personal Identifiable Information Form  

Consent to Release Personal Identifiable Information Form -  Spanish Version

NPI Instructions for School Districts and ESC

NPI Registery

MITS Program Advisor Map


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