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Anne Watson Elementary School (East End School District) – Success Story

Anne Watson elementary school utilized ISEP grant funds to purchase playground equipment for the elementary classes. Outdoor basketballs (12), footballs (12), soccer balls (12), and kick balls (12) were purchased along with 2 soccer goals, one volleyball net, and three equipment wagons to carry the recess equipment.

Carolyn Lewis Elementary (Conway School District) – Success Story

Carolyn Lewis used ISEP funds to purchase a rain barrel and attached it to the existing garden shed to allow access to rain water to water the plants. During this summer this is especially helpful for our families participating in the “adopt the Garden” program when school is not is session.

Ida Burns Elementary (Conway School District) – Success Story

Ida Burns Elementary school utilized ISEP funds to build a large garden area for students to build, plant, tend to, harvest and enjoy the garden.

A school-wide garden design contest was launched and 80 student designs were submitted. The winning design, buy a detail oriented 3rd grader, was selected and 9 garden beds were built along with a compost bin, mulch around the garden beds, landscape borders, a garden sign, purchased picnic tables and created an outdoor classroom.

Mayflower School District - Success Story

2019 - 2020  Mayflower utilized ISEP grant funds by purchasing equipment to create 1) a Sensory Pathway Hallway, and 2) developed/modified mini zones in classrooms.


Nemo Vista Elementary School – Success Story

The Nemo Vista elementary school utilized ISEP grant finds to purchase the “Drum Alive” program. The Drum Alive program utilizes exercise balls and drumsticks and blends it with movement and music.

S. C. Tucker Elementary School (Danville School District) - Success Story

S.C. Tucker elementary school utilized ISEP grant funds to purchase an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and supplies and training to appropriately be prepared to use the AED if necessary.

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