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Innovative Solutions for Educational Partnerships (ISEP) strives to identify and connect a variety of services that can be offered to local public education agencies, community health providers, and public/private child advocacy groups. The services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Medicaid billing for all services at the rate of 6%:

  • Provide an electronic Medicaid eligibility list and work with partner school districts to ensure students have a Personal Care Provider (PCP) assigned,
  • Notify partner school districts about Remittance Advice (RA) Reports,
  • Reconcile payments to ensure that each claim is properly billed and that the full amount of reimbursement is provided to partner school districts,
  • Gather catastrophic totals on requested students when needed,
  • Provide assistance to partner school districts and therapists in keeping Medicaid numbers active, or reactivating if necessary,
  • Inform partner school districts of changes and updates with Medicaid that may affect the schools,
  • Provide guidance to partner school districts in navigating health related resources,
  • Provide opportunities to partner school districts to apply for health-related grants, and
  • Provide training to partner school district staff on using the PCPro system.

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PCPro is an electronic documentation system designed by ISEP to assist school districts with documentation and electronic billing needs for students receiving personal care services. The program allows partner school district paraprofessionals to electronically document Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) as they happen using various technologies (computer, iPad, etc.).

The PCPro system allows trained paraprofessionals to enter daily ADLs into the system, keeping monthly records for supervising RNs to review and electronically submit to ISEP for billiing.

PCPro exceeds all HIPAA/FERPA requirements related to data safeguarding.

"The PCPRO program is so easy to use.  Our Paras picked it up quickly and love working in the program.  Every year we have new Paras and the training for them on the program is so easy.  Everything is digital and easy to find if you need to look for something.  Not having paperwork is wonderful.  Electronically confirming and submitting is nice to be able to have that check point of everyone doing their own work and confirming it."   

- Linda Brewer, RN, ADN, Personal Care Nurse, Siloam Springs School District (Retired)