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Wilbur D. Mills ESC

Cabot High School (Cabot School District) – Success Story

The Cabot high school utilized ISEP funds to purchase a motorized Hi-Lo changing table in order to meet the needs of transferring special needs students from wheelchairs to changing tables that, sometimes, required 2-3 staff members using manual lift techniques for larger students.

Northside Elementary School (Cabot School District) – Success Story

Seeing a need to address sensory seeking behaviors among k-4 students, ISEP grant funds were utilized to purchase sensory equipment for both general education as well as special education students. A

Stagecoach Elementary (Cabot School District) – Success Story

Stagecoach elementary wanted student to have a healthy understanding of what it means to care for the earth, and the world around them, while learning about their food and where it comes from. The school wanted to initiate a project that would be cross-curricular and bring those experiences to the students.

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