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PCPro - Automated Personal Care Documentation and Medicaid Billing System

ISEP has developed state-of-the-art technology to help school districts with the daily documentation of Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)/personal care provided to students by paraprofessionals. 

The PCPro system:
      - is HIPAA compliant, 
      - provides real-time documentation,
      - provides encrypted data for safe storage, and
      - can be accessed from any computer, laptop, iPad, and/or tablet. 

Information is NOT downloaded, but accessed through a secure website that safely stores the data.  All users are provided a uniuqe username and secure password. The PCPro system can also provide data/records to meet Special Education Accountability and Medicaid documentation requirements.  Useable reports include Catastrophic, Reconciliation, Monthy/Yearly billing, Paid summary and student status.

Paraprofessionals are provided technical assistance and training to utilize the PCPro system to document specific daily time entry and tasks provided to students througout the day.    Daily logs are entered by trained paraprofessionals/aids for each student, each task, and total minutes for each task.  Daily time logs are automatically tallied by the system.  End of the month reports automatically calculate daily total minutes to billable PC units.  

Once data entry has been approved by the District administrator (usually the supervisiing RN) at the end of the month, the administrator will notify ISEP that the monthly billing has been completed and approved and is ready for ISEP to submit the PC Medicaid billing.  ISEP will then take over and handle all of the billing.   For additional information and questions, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


"The PCPRO program is so easy to use.  Our Paras picked it up quickly and love working in the program.  Every year we have new Paras and the training for them on the program is so easy.  Everything is digital and easy to find if you need to look for something.  Not having paperwork is wonderful.  Electronically confirming and submitting is nice to be able to have that check point of everyone doing their own work and confirming it."   

- Linda Brewer, RN, ADN, Personal Care Nurse, Siloam Springs School District (Retired).


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